Mental Health Consultation

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Ever wanted professional advice and support from a therapist without the hassle of establishing long term mental health care? 

Consultation services is a great way to work directly with a therapist in a non-clinical setting. Whether it is just a few simple questions or more complex projects, consultation services are there to provide you the support you deserve. 

Ask Me Anything

Ever wanted to ask a therapist something? Schedule an “Ask Me Anything” session! 

This 30 minute call is there to get your questions answered, discuss your situation, and problem solve a helpful solution.


Have a larger project you would like assistance with? Whether large or small, scheduling a “Discovery Call” is the place to start. During this 30 minute conversation we will discuss your pressing issues, uncover areas of improvement, and set the stage for implementation to help you achieve your goals.  


Based on your Discovery call, Strategy Sessions is where the work happens. During these sessions we will work together to implement your plan of action and work towards obtaining your desired outcomes. 


Now that your plan is in motion and getting you results, how do we keep the ball rolling?  Accountability calls are designed to be short conversations to make sure you are staying on track and providing you the support when needed to keep you working towards your goal.

Disclaimer: Consultation services are not a replacement for nor are they clinical mental health services

I spent years knowing I needed therapy but being afraid to follow through. I finally reached my breaking point this year and ended up finding Luis Felipe. I am so glad I made the appt!!! My therapy journey is just getting started but I feel seen, heard and understood by Luis! He’s helped me work through some traumas and is excellent at giving you the necessary tools to navigate through and see connections for yourself. Thank you so much Luis Felipe.

Ania Z.